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We won gold with our newly branded liqueur!

Posted by Lorna Scully on

We have unveiled a modernised brand identity for our Cranes cranberry and blood orange liqueur - that won a gold award!

We rebranded to establish a more contemporary but crafted appearance to reflect the taste of the product; featuring gold foiled elements to maximise it’s WOW factor, and a soon-to-be redesigned gift box with an updated cocktail recipe list for the 35cl gift box.

The liqueur will also now be available in a new 50cl bottle, which will prepare our brand as we develop more relationships with pubs and bars: whilst we continue to sell our 35cl bottle, predominantly through farm shops and deli outlets.

“This rebrand is an important step for us in the ongoing development of the business. After the recent rebrand of our ciders, we felt it was time to update our liqueur to fit its premium and crafted position in the market place.”

“On top of the exciting rebrand, we’re thrilled to have been awarded gold in The Liqueur Masters awards! It’s very humbling to be receive an award by such an established trade publication.” Benjamin Ritsema, co-founder and managing director.

Cranes Liqueur - new branding

The flavours make it the ideal addition to many festive cocktails, although it has been featured in various exciting summer drinks menus across the UK. A very popular choice by many being their Cranbellini cocktail; our spin on the traditional Bellini, turning a simple glass of bubbly into a fun and festive cocktail.